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Why Publish With Us?

Cutting Edge Digital Publishing

Black Lab Press is a boutique digital publisher with a focus on publishing the best books, as quickly as possible, and making sure each gets into the hands of readers. We work with a team of highly experienced professional editors, cover designers, marketers and more to ensure the stories our authors tell are given the highest chance of success in the market.


Our authors include USA Today bestsellers, and they receive one of the highest royalty rates in the industry, with 45% net royalties. We don’t offer an advance, instead we make sure every cent is dedicated to publishing and advertising your book, then we share the proceeds. We do the work to make sure your book gets into the hands of readers, freeing you up to do what you love best - write.

net royalties for ebook & audio places us at the top of the industry

Paid advertising for each new release, with attention to detail and a boutique approach means you get the best we have to offer

We publish your story in ebook, audiobook and print on demand paperback, and work with other publishers to get your book translated for international markets

Send your manuscript to apply to work with us today.

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